From Snow to Sun and Fun! Traveling to Cozumel this December

Traveling to Cozumel

Hola Hoppers!  Even if you have not yet had the pleasure of touring with us, we are sure that you are a hopper at heart! So amigos, with that said, we know that as December approaches, you will want to get away for a little while. Everyone has their ideal Winter getaway in mind and for some of you, if not most, that place you envision in your head is somewhere warm, somewhere inviting and comforting.

Hey, sounds like Cozumel! Obviously the island offers plenty of warmth, excellent food, great people, and unique experiences. Aside from those obvious reasons, there are so many great things to do in Cozumel, making it a perfect vacation spot for anyone looking to have fun during these normally frigid months.

Bring in the Fun

Thanks to our terrific weather, you will always have many things to do, regardless of the time of the Tours in Cozumelyear. That said, our Cozumel Bar Hop Tour on the “wilder” side of the island is definitely one of those things that will help you forget about work and the stresses of everyday life, giving you access to beaches, amazing food and drink, gorgeous scenery, and experiences that take advantage of this gorgeous weather. Take a step away from the touristy locations, and see what there is to discover away from all the large crowds on those excursions offered through the cruise ships and hotels!

 Beaches, Bars, shots and more! Cozumel Bar Hop this December

Cozumel Bar HopWhen you hear or see the word, “Caribbean”, you almost automatically form an image in your mind of long white sandy beaches like something out of a Corona commercial. Maybe, even a beer and a hammock! As you Hoppers all know, the east side of the island is the wild side where all of the most beautiful beaches are located. Sometimes visitors get off the cruise ship, look around and wonder where the beaches are. I know I had to explain it to newcomers before! Not to worry though we have got you covered.

 Cozumel Bar Hop takes you to some of the best Beaches and Bars on the island, like our first stop, Punta Morena.

Punta Morena is closer to the north eastern side of the island and has so much to offer. Upon arrival, you will be Cozumel Tourswelcomed with their signature welcome shot, the “MAYAN SACRIFICE!” This awesome drink is made with Xtabentun (Mayan Liquor) and Pineapple Juice. Then enjoy what is most appealing to you, as there is definitely something for everyone here at each stop on your hop!

 Punta Morena has just about everything that you can find at all of those crowded cruise ship beaches on the west side, except the crowds! Apart from the obvious things, you will find a salt-water swimming pool, a dedicated tequila bar, a massage area close to the soothing sounds of the ocean, a fish spa and great menu featuring fresh ceviches! Other highlights include a sandy bottomed natural pool right among the rocks on the beach, which protects from the waves, and a long stretch of beautiful sandy shoreline where you can beachcomb to heart’s content!

See you on the hop!

So, hoppers and future hoppers, visit us and make new friends and really make the most of your Cozumel vacation, because after all, it’s your reward.  See you soon amigos!


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