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For more than 25 years our family has been in the tourism sector, and in 2004 we put all our heart and soul (and savings!) into creating the Cozumel Bar Hop Tour, with the aim of providing an authentic, safe and fun experience for visitors to the island.

Since then we have proudly been your designated driver, showing you the natural beauty of our island’s east side and enjoying delicious food and cocktails along the way!

We are a professional company, Hopping pioneers on the island of Cozumel, holding the licenses and official registration of the Sec. of Tourism, and are active members of the Association of Tourism Entrepreneurs of Quintana Roo, and SKAL International.

We are a reliable, engaging and very friendly service, our tour and its Hoppers through time, has become a great community that year after year recommend us to others and honour us with their preference.

We manage small, medium and large groups, all without losing the quality and personal attention to each of our esteemed hoppers. We are dedicated to offering a high level of hospitality, making sure that our Hoppers always arrive on time to their boat or hotel, guaranteeing your timely arrival.

The guides are bilingual, fun, prepared and enjoy sharing island stories with you.

Our designated drivers are fully licenced, insured, qualified and have years of driving experience on Cozumel roads.

Mercedes minibuses or full size coaches are comfortable with air conditioning and plush seats.

We could go on and on saying so many good things about us lol, but we invite you to explore for yourself what our community of more than 30,000 thousand hoppers in the world say about Cozumel Bar Hop, the No.1 tour on Cozumel Island:

Cozumel Bar Hop Cancer Awareness


This is our 10 year Campaign!

Let us help to spread the word in our community about breast cancer prevention and early detection.
The fight against breast cancer takes place every day. For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October,
Cozumel Bar Hop, along with your help, is committed to helping to raise awareness.

You’ll find our pink cancer t-shirts on offer during October’s hops at $15USD each.

Every year, we donate 100% of the proceeds to help a local woman in need. We also match your donation, so whatever you give, we double it!

Detect It, Treat It, Defeat It!




Another Successful Hop Against Breast Cancer!

Hola Hoppers!

As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017, we look back at all the great
things that happened in the year. Today we’ll highlight the results of our
annual Pink October campaign.

Yes Hoppers, this past October marked our sixth straight year participating
in the fight against Breast Cancer. It was another great Hop against this
disease and we owe many thanks to all of you amazing,  generous Hoppers who
continue to support this cause.

Pink October in Cozumel

Let’s take a little time to look back at what a big impact you made, as you
hopped with us against breast cancer.  After six years hopping against
Breast cancer, we have been able to raise thousands of Pesos that have gone
directly to local Breast Cancer patients here on the island.  As many of you
already know, we always match the amount raised in sales of our Pink October
Merchandise sold, and this year was no exception.

Thinking locally and raising awareness globally!

With our limited edition Pink Cozumel Bar Hop Merchandise hopping off the
shelves and into your wardrobe, we were able to raise a significant amountCozumel Bar Hop - Breast Cancer fundraiser
that is helping local women here on the island. After a successful month, we
met with the local Integral Family Development system, (DIF) and handed over
the funds that were raised and matched by Cozumel Bar Hop.

Thanks to you hoppers, we were able to raise $9000 Pesos, which directly
impacts the lives of 3 women (selected by the DIF) here on the island who
are fighting against this horrible disease. The money donated is being put
to use to help these women with their cancer treatments, Doctor visits,
medications and so forth.

A special thanks to all you Fo-Hos

With your help, we’ve been able to continue to build awareness and directly
impact the lives of cancer victims here in Cozumel. So Hoppers, we want to
thank you again for your help in the Hop against breast cancer, as you have
brought relief and hope to so many!

While we did raise a significant amount this time around, the fight againstCozumel Bar Hop
breast cancer is ongoing and we look forward to Hopping against Breast
Cancer again this coming October.  If you’d like to help us in our Hop
against Breast Cancer, be prepared in October to purchase your Pink Bar Hop
t-shirt here at our Online Store. Just click here (Link to Bar Hop Online

We hope to top last year’s donation totals, and to do that we need your
help! So, make sure to follow us on Social Media, subscribe to our blog for
news and updates on all things Cozumel Bar Hop!  Re-tweet this post to all
of your friends on Twitter. Share and +1 this on Google+ and like and follow
us on Facebook!

Thanks again for Hopping with us against Breast Cancer!