About Us


For more than 25 years our family has been in the tourism sector, and in 2004 we put all our heart and soul (and savings!) into creating the Cozumel Bar Hop Tour, with the aim of providing an authentic, safe and fun experience for visitors to the island.

Since then we have proudly been your designated driver, showing you the natural beauty of our island’s east side and enjoying delicious food and cocktails along the way!

We are a professional company, Hopping pioneers on the island of Cozumel, holding the licenses and official registration of the Sec. of Tourism, and are active members of the Association of Tourism Entrepreneurs of Quintana Roo, and SKAL International.

We are a reliable, engaging and very friendly service, our tour and its Hoppers through time, has become a great community that year after year recommend us to others and honour us with their preference.

We manage small, medium and large groups, all without losing the quality and personal attention to each of our esteemed hoppers. We are dedicated to offering a high level of hospitality, making sure that our Hoppers always arrive on time to their boat or hotel, guaranteeing your timely arrival.

The guides are bilingual, fun, prepared and enjoy sharing island stories with you.

Our designated drivers are fully licenced, insured, qualified and have years of driving experience on Cozumel roads.

Mercedes minibuses or full size coaches are comfortable with air conditioning and plush seats.

We could go on and on saying so many good things about us lol, but we invite you to explore for yourself what our community of more than 30,000 thousand hoppers in the world say about Cozumel Bar Hop, the No.1 tour on Cozumel Island:

From Novice Hopper to Ninja Level Fo-Ho!

Hola Hoppers!
We always say that the best compliment we can get is a return guest. So, we
are pleased to see that so many of you have come back to Cozumel for more
fun Bar Hopping.gracias! Now we know that many of you have multiple hops on
your record, and of course we think you’re awesome and we salute you!
We also want to take some time today to celebrate one of our Fo-Hos as he
hit a definite milestone, to say the least. This past month marked a record
for one Fo-Ho, and so we want to introduce him to those of you who have not
yet had the pleasure of hopping with him!

Ninja Level Hopper?
We are pretty sure that if you could be here hopping more, you would be. We
say this because of how much we know you love hopping! One hopper who is the
envy of hoppers everywhere has set the record for the number of times he’sCozumel Bars
been hopping!  We introduce you to our amigo Bob Eck, a former pilot and self-ordained

We introduce you to our amigo Bob Eck, a former pilot and self-ordained Mayan Ambassador.  Now Bob is not just any Fo-Ho, this past month Bob added to his personal best record and has now done the Cozumel Bar Hop Tour 26 times!
Bob reached a milestone on March 6th by marking his 25th Bar Hop in Cozumel! Since Bob has hopped so many times with us, he has now received the glorious title of NINJA LEVEL HOPPER!
But wait, there’s more! His wife Robinn is following right along with him,
with over 10 hops herself, and now that she’s recently retired, she’ll no
doubt be keeping pace with her hubby!
How do you become a Ninja Level Hopper??
One of the secrets to becoming a Ninja Level Hopper is cruising multiple
Bars in Cozumeltimes a year. Now, Bob told me they cruise about 12 times a year! So with such frequent visits to the island, it´s obviously a record that isn´t going to be broken anytime soon.
I asked Bob why they always choose Cozumel on their cruise and it turns out that a lot of it has to do with the fact that it is just so convenient for them. Since they live in Florida they don´t really need to make any big travel arrangements. It’s easy for them to just hop on the cruise ship and come on down.


What keeps you coming back?
I asked Bob what he likes most about the Cozumel Bar Hop Tour and he and
Robinn both agree; our excursion is one of the best places to meet and make
new friends. He said that he just feels like he´s home on the Bar Hop
because of the way he is treated, and because he knows all of the staff so

cozumel cruise excursions
Knowing that Bob and Robinn, and so many of you Fo-Hos have made many great friends here is something that we are proud of. Like Bob, many of you have made friends on the Hop with whom you have stayed in touch and reunited with on more than just the Bar Hop in Cozumel.
Reaching Ninja Level Hopper can take some time since Bob started hopping back in 2010. But don’t worry we know you can do it too! Of course, it helps to live a short drive from a cruise ship home port and being retired, lol!

Hoppers are Fo-Ho’s! What about you?

Hola Amigos!

Did you notice I started with Amigos this time, instead of Hoppers? If so
you just might be a Fo-Ho!

Now for those of you who didn’t notice the difference, it might be that you
haven’t joined the fun here in Cozumel just yet. If you haven’t yet, that’s
ok, but we want you to come join the fun and become a Fo-Ho too! If you
aren’t sure what that means, not to worry, we’ll explain so that you can
join the club!

Not just another tour that visits bars

Cozumel Bar Hop is one of the best tours in Cozumel and it’s not just usCozumel Bar Hop
claiming this, it’s all of our amazing fans out there!  Check out what other
Hoppers are saying about us on Trip Advisor.  Our Cozumel Bar Hop takes you to some of the best Beaches and Bars in
Cozumel. However, we are more than just another tour that visits bars in
Cozumel. As one guest stated, “Wasn’t that a party!!!!”

As the Original Bar Hop tour, we have worked very hard to set ourselves apart from the other tours in Cozumel. One of the ways that we have done that is by establishing long
lasting friendships with our guests.

So What’s a Fo-Ho?

Cozumel Bar HopI’m sure that you probably noticed that we keep mentioning the term Fo-Ho here in this post, but not to worry, it’s nothing offensive! it’s actually quite simple. Fo-ho is a term that we have coined that means FOrmer HOpper!

So, being becoming a Fo-Ho is pretty easy, just come join the fun on the
Cozumel Bar Hop with us and you can be a Fo-Ho too!  Trust me being a Fo-Ho is great! But don’t take my word for it, just listen to what some of other, Fellow Hoppers are saying.

“Great tour, great staff”

“Our 3rd hop was a great trip. Drinks are great, views are awesome, staff is
friendly, and the company entertaining. You gotta go if you get the chance,
no matter your age.”
As you can see from what others are saying, it’s not just about going to a
bunch bars in Cozumel. What it really means is that you have just become a
part of something awesome!

This really becomes evident when you start repeating your Bar Hop experienceThings to do in Cozumel
with each trip to Cozumel. Just one example of this is our good Friend and NINJA LEVEL FO-HO, Bob Eck who is one of our most experienced Hoppers to date. Bob has hopped with us 26 times and counting!!! Bob’s Wife Robin, is up to 11! Now that she’s retired, that number is bound to increase rapidly!

Bar Hopping in Cozumel is becoming a ritual for many of our awesome guests who come back time and time again!  They also stay active with us on Social Media over the long distances! Staying in touch with not just us, but also so many other fellow Hoppers as well.

Cozumel Bar Hop – The Best Tour in Cozumel

You drink, we drive, and we all become Fo-Ho friends for life! Many of our
fans have stated,

“Best tour ever!”
“We traveled to Cozumel as part of a cruise and friends recommended the bar
hop. The beaches on the other side of the island are beautiful. We never
would have seen or even known this side of the island existed if it hadn’t
been for this tour. Sergio was wonderful. So friendly and knowledgeable.
Javier took care of us behind the wheel and Tom the owner greeted us at the
meeting place before the tour. They are a class act! Oh, I forgot to mention
the drinks…they were strong and delicious! Will be back in Cozumel in
August and plan to do this trip again! Perfect day!”

Cozumel Bar HopThat is really one of the things that make Cozumel Bar Hop so great! It really is one of the best ways to meet fellow travelers with whom you want to stay in touch. This is why we always say we have the BEST FANS around!
So thank you Fo-Hos for another amazing year this past 2016! If you haven’t become a Fo-Ho yet, just check out our Facebook page and other social media
profiles and you’ll see how great our Fellow Hoppers are! Come be a Fo-Ho too!

From Snow to Sun and Fun! Traveling to Cozumel this December

Traveling to Cozumel

Hola Hoppers!  Even if you have not yet had the pleasure of touring with us, we are sure that you are a hopper at heart! So amigos, with that said, we know that as December approaches, you will want to get away for a little while. Everyone has their ideal Winter getaway in mind and for some of you, if not most, that place you envision in your head is somewhere warm, somewhere inviting and comforting.

Hey, sounds like Cozumel! Obviously the island offers plenty of warmth, excellent food, great people, and unique experiences. Aside from those obvious reasons, there are so many great things to do in Cozumel, making it a perfect vacation spot for anyone looking to have fun during these normally frigid months.

Bring in the Fun

Thanks to our terrific weather, you will always have many things to do, regardless of the time of the Tours in Cozumelyear. That said, our Cozumel Bar Hop Tour on the “wilder” side of the island is definitely one of those things that will help you forget about work and the stresses of everyday life, giving you access to beaches, amazing food and drink, gorgeous scenery, and experiences that take advantage of this gorgeous weather. Take a step away from the touristy locations, and see what there is to discover away from all the large crowds on those excursions offered through the cruise ships and hotels!

 Beaches, Bars, shots and more! Cozumel Bar Hop this December

Cozumel Bar HopWhen you hear or see the word, “Caribbean”, you almost automatically form an image in your mind of long white sandy beaches like something out of a Corona commercial. Maybe, even a beer and a hammock! As you Hoppers all know, the east side of the island is the wild side where all of the most beautiful beaches are located. Sometimes visitors get off the cruise ship, look around and wonder where the beaches are. I know I had to explain it to newcomers before! Not to worry though we have got you covered.

 Cozumel Bar Hop takes you to some of the best Beaches and Bars on the island, like our first stop, Punta Morena.

Punta Morena is closer to the north eastern side of the island and has so much to offer. Upon arrival, you will be Cozumel Tourswelcomed with their signature welcome shot, the “MAYAN SACRIFICE!” This awesome drink is made with Xtabentun (Mayan Liquor) and Pineapple Juice. Then enjoy what is most appealing to you, as there is definitely something for everyone here at each stop on your hop!

 Punta Morena has just about everything that you can find at all of those crowded cruise ship beaches on the west side, except the crowds! Apart from the obvious things, you will find a salt-water swimming pool, a dedicated tequila bar, a massage area close to the soothing sounds of the ocean, a fish spa and great menu featuring fresh ceviches! Other highlights include a sandy bottomed natural pool right among the rocks on the beach, which protects from the waves, and a long stretch of beautiful sandy shoreline where you can beachcomb to heart’s content!

See you on the hop!

So, hoppers and future hoppers, visit us and make new friends and really make the most of your Cozumel vacation, because after all, it’s your reward.  See you soon amigos!