Hola Hoppers!

We know that you Hoppers and Fo-Ho´s love to Cruise to Cozumel. we also know how much you love to Hop with us when you visit, meeting up with friends and making new friends too. This makes Cozumel Bar Hop one of he best tours on the island!

It´s not us making these bold claims, it´s awesome friends and fans just like you! You have all shown time and time again how awesome and loyal you are to Cozumel Bar Hop, so to show our thanks, we have been working on putting together something that get you all very excited!

An easy road back to Cozumel

We want you to come to Cozumel and Join us on Another Cozumel Bar Hop! We know that you are probably already planning your next escape to join us on the Bar Hop for your next Vacation to Cozumel. So we are going to make it easier for you to escape.

We are Happy to announce our upcoming Hop + Blog + Win contest for FO-HO´s (Former HOppers!). This contest is just what you were hoping for, as we will be giving one lucky winner a Free Trip to Cozumel! The prize is your free return plane ticket to Cozumel along with a 3 night stay at the very cool Hotel B. A here in Cozumel and a Free Hop with us, of course!

I know we have your attention now! So how do you participate and potentially win this awesome Bar Hop Contest? It´s easy, just follow these steps to start the process.

Step 1. Subscribe to our Blog on wordpress.

Step 2. Fill out the registration form.

Step 3. Write a Blog on your own Blog platform about your Cozumel Bar Hop experience.

Step 4. Send us the URL of you Blog post and be sure to use a photo from your time on the Cozumel Bar Hop or a photo wearing your Cozumel Bar Hop t-shirt.

Step 5. Send us a screenshot for our Hop + Blog + Win Album on Facebook where we will post your screenshot of your Blog Post which you will need to promote among your friends and family. Most popular Blog post at the competition Wins!

So Hoppers, with that said you will have 15 days to enter and write your blog post about your experience on the Cozumel Bar Hop! Make sure that you let your family and friends know that you will be competing so that you can all likes and shares possible!